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     Among owners and sellers of receivers for reception of digital satellite TV the brand " OPENBOX ® " more than is known, but behind it there is a heavy work of collective of the company " SAT SYSTEMS " which aspires to cooperate with in the lead developers of the equipment in the world.
     We not simply sell the equipment little bit differing competitors, we offer new original products of excellent quality and adapted for our market which will allow to feel a maximum of comfort and convenience to the owners.

     The company constantly takes part in the largest national and international exhibitions on which represents the latest novelties from the world of satellite TV.

     Unconditional favorite of exhibition EEBC ' 2006 became receiver OPENBOX ® CI-7200PVR which already has had time to deserve popularity as the functional and convenient multimedia device.
     Acknowledgement the aforesaid is served with a recognition of satellite receiver OPENBOX ® CI-7200PVR as the best product/decision in the field of satellite TV at competition EEBC HighLights ' 2006.

     Trade mark OPENBOX ® the decision socially-advisory council reviewes " the Best in Russia ", " the Best in Moscow ", " the Best in Moscow suburbs " награждена the diploma for active participation in formation of the civilized consumer market in Russia.

     Our company has the most visited web-resources in network Internet on satellite subjects. There it is possible to find reviews and descriptions of the equipment, the necessary technical information, to receive answers to interesting questions, to exchange experience with other owners of the equipment or experts.



    E-Mail: infosat.net.ua
    Phone/fax: +38 (0612) 13-86-01, 63-66-41, 18-55-84
    81, Lenin str., 
    Zaporozhye city, 69002 Ukraine.


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